Degoogled phones review by Efani

Good day community, we would like to share a very interesting review of degoogled phones - you can watch it here.

We find it very interesting as the reviewer is talking about pros but also cons of using these sort of devices.

We are especially in agreement with the following:

  1. Have multiple devices, dedicate one (degoogled) device to communication and a separate device for other stuff (banking, social, etc)
  2. Try to use WiFi only if you can - sim cards (and the carriers behind them) do collect information and assign unique identifiers.


September 06, 2023 — Darrow Worrad

Make sure that the phone we sent you has the correct Graphene OS version - update!

A couple of years ago we posted this article in our blog.

It seems appropriate that we follow up on this topic.

You can make sure that our phones are genuine by using the Auditor app, an app maintained by the Graphene community (for more information on it please see here).

July 14, 2023 — Darrow Worrad

Using degoogled (GrapheneOS) phones with an esim - a video guide

Lately we received a lot of requests on how to map an e-sim to our Graphene OS phones. Using these phones with an e-sim is absolutely doable, and perhaps advisable, if you use the appropriate providers.

To use one of our Grapehene OS phones with an esim please follow the steps explained in this video here. (thanks go to youtube creator @sideofburritos for this excellent video)

May 31, 2023 — Darrow Worrad

Private Phones: Your Secret Weapon for Digital Privacy

Discover the power of private phones—your secret weapon for digital privacy. From enhanced data security to freedom from intrusive tracking, these devices put you in control of your personal information. Take charge and reclaim your privacy!
May 30, 2023 — Gabriele Limonta

An walkthrough to our phones

The phones main focus is privacy and security to protect the user and prevent tracking by third parties. The features of the phones make the device harder to hack, easier to use, and far less likely to get a virus.

The operating systems run on the phones is open source and community-based; therefore, you're much less  likely to be exposed to security issues due to zero-days or intentional backdoors.

Click HERE to download the full guide.

March 26, 2023 — Gabriele Limonta

The Best De-Googled Phone Review | Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Best De-Googled Phone Review | Samsung Galaxy S10+


We link below a review article writtten by Kevin Kabeci on the Samsung 10+ degoogled phone.

October 29, 2022 — Gabriele Limonta

Why are Unlocked Phones Essential in this Day and Age

There are many reasons why owning unlocked phones is essential in today’s day and age. These devices allow you to get the latest phone technology at affordable prices without being tied to specific carriers or manufacturers. The best thing about them is that you're not tracked by Google either!


October 18, 2022 — Gabriele Limonta

An Overview of the Various Systems Available for Privacy-Focused Phones

Privacy oriented OS



To learn more about the types of phones that offer this kind of privacy, continue reading the article below. We will talk about the best-operating systems for De-Googled phones, such as the Lineage OSGraphene OS, and Calyx OS.

September 07, 2022 — Gabriele Limonta

Why Phone Privacy is a Must Nowadays

Privacy phone

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, it seems important to have some control over our data. To help you put your mind at ease, there are some phones with operating systems that make you as private as you can possibly be in this day and age. 

August 22, 2022 — Gabriele Limonta

A word on network compatibility of our Degoogled phones - North American carriers

We here provide some statistics that we have collected throughout the past year about what works and what doesn't. Hopefully you'll find this helpful - it was certainly helpful to us:

May 27, 2022 — Darrow Worrad
Here's a good read about first impressions on a Degoogled phone (Graphene)

Here's a good read about first impressions on a Degoogled phone (Graphene)

Just a quick post today to share a review we've received from Kevin, who recently acquired a Pixel 4a with Graphene OS and started his degoogling process.


You can read Kevin's article here.

May 17, 2022 — Darrow Worrad
How to set-up your new phone de-googled with CalyX OS

How to set-up your new phone de-googled with CalyX OS

With this post we share how to initiate a Calyx OS phone instead.


Hope this helps!


January 21, 2022 — Gabriele Limonta