GrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system with great functionality and usability. It starts from the strong baseline of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and takes great care to avoid increasing attack surface or hurting the strong security model. GrapheneOS makes substantial improvements to both privacy and security through many carefully designed features built to function against real adversaries.

The OS has been hardened to mitigate against advanced hacking threats and exploits. Graphene OS respects your privacy as well as being the most secure hardened mobile OS on the market and will never contain a backdoor or be subject to malware campaigns or phishing expeditions (targeted or otherwise).


Calyx OS


CalyxOS minimizes the tracking, surveillance, and spying done by phone manufacturers, mobile phone service providers, internet service providers, advertising companies, data miners, and malicious hackers. The operating system is designed to ensure maximum usability and flexibility, so that you have an array of choices available to ensure your privacy and security. The project cares a lot about usability and app compatibility, meaning that 99% of apps that run on Android run also as well on CalyxOS.

CalyxOS is designed with the needs of human rights frontline defenders, journalists, lawyers, and political and social activist groups in mind.



LineageOS takes AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code and whips it into shippable shape, patching up any missing components with its own code and adding some of its own apps in place of Google's proprietary apps (though you can flash Google's apps on top of Lineage, too) and baking several customization and mod-friendly features into the OS. Everything Lineage does is free and open source. Most importantly, Lineage has an army of volunteer device maintainers who port builds of Lineage to each specific device, merging in hardware support and debugging compatibility problems so that individual model owners can actually use the OS.


/e/ OS


 /e/OS  is a fork of LineageOS. This operating system is developed and maintained by the /e/ Foundation; this systems has preinstalled applications and the foundation provides online services that makes the user experience easier for newbies.




Once you’re started, it will be normal to migrate most of your apps from your legacy phone to your new privacy preserving device. Here below we cover some of the great resources you have around the web to help you use your phone: 


Plexus by Techlore: this is the place to visit if you have a question like “is app xyz going to run on my new phone”. It’s a place run by the community so do not forget to contribute back if you tested a new app that is not yet in the database. 


Calyx Institute: Calyx does much more than just maintaining one of the operating system we flash on our phones. It’s also there to provide internet hotspots that are a good private alternative to internet subscription plans provided by the mainstream carriers. 


Esims by Silent Link: to use the phone you’ll need a sim card, so why not considering purchasing a esim card by silent link. (please note that not all our models support esim, so if you’re planning using one go for the latest models)



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