We are a bunch of folks spread around the globe with technology background that connected together to bring Degoogled to life because we are very passionate about privacy.

We have always played around with techonologies, from modifying our racing bikes when we were kids, to building simple videogames in our teenager  years, and flashing custom ROMs on tablets and phones now. 

Due to the increasing level of intrusion, surveillance, censorship and de-platforming brought about by many tech companies, we made the decision to 'de-google' our life in 2020, and put a fresh version of GrapheneOS on our phones with no google apps. We also later discovered CalyxOS and found that to be an excellent alternative to Graphene.

Showcasing our new de-googled phones to friends and family, we noted that pretty much all of them were asking us for directions on how to de-google phones to them.

It seems to us that everyone is keen on opting out the growing spyware creeping up in our daily lives if given the chance, but the technical skills required are often daunting to your average user.

So this is our purpose, this is why we exist:  we want to help everyone to adopt privacy preserving technologies, including and especially the non techies.

In mid- 2021 we decided to open this store. This is not our full time job (may be one day), but we enjoy seeing others realize that they have options when it comes to their phone.

We also like helping people realize that free speech still actually exists in a few corners of the internet, even if tech companies try to shut it down.


  • Privacy protection is paramount: we will never sell or give your data to any third party, except when required by a subpoena. We will store the little data that we get from you to be able to deliver the product to you for as little as possible. We will also seek to remove as soon as possible your data from machines that are online and store it on offline computers.
  • No unnecessary data: we have no interest in collecting or storing any information when you visit our website which could be used to identify you, nor use any analytics tools like HotJar, GA, etc.
  • No pushy sales tactics or marketing: no countdown timers, unwanted popups, or other annoying widgets, no marketing emails. We don't even plan one of those annoying newsletter that just spams your email account, don't worry.

More information can be found at our Terms of service page


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