Reclaiming your privacy starts with selecting the right Operating System, and that’s what we want to help you do on this website.

That’s only the first step, however; the next steps in remaining private depend largely on what app you run on your phone. 

For example, you are allowed to use WhatsApp on Graphene or Calyx OS, and WhatsApp will always try and use the data you’re willingly share with them like this.

So what can you do?

If it’s feasible, consider moving your network to better platforms that respect your privacy better and that do not tie up their services to your identity. Consider moving to Matrix / Element, Threema or Blabber. All of these instant messengers do not require personal details and they do not even require a phone number to work.

However, we understand that it’s difficult to move away from an instant messaging platform into another one; these platforms owe their success to their network effect. In simple terms, an instant messaging app is useful only if also the people you talk to are using the same platform.

Even if you decide not to move away from the platform you are using now, please consider creating a different account and using different (virtual) phone numbers to associate yourself with.

Apps like Vyke allow you to buy virtual phone numbers (also in geographical location other than the one you reside) that you control via their app. You can use these numbers to get apps like WhatsApp or Signal going, and you’ll make it more difficult for snooping parties to know what you do.

May 31, 2021 — Degoogled Team