We have received questions asking us to explain what, in our opinion, is the most private way to purchase phones on our website.

Here below is our take on the matter:


Part 1 – Acquire sound money. 

Credit cards are convenient, but they’re definitely a privacy nightmare. You’re disclosing your purchases not only to the credit card company (eg: Visa, MC, etc), but to the partner bank too (unless your card is a card which is not co-branded).

Using cash would be a better proposition, but it’s confined to the physical realm, and clearly we are a web shop.

To solve the issue, you can use Monero (XMR) or Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for your phones here, and either of them is a better option from a privacy point of view. 

Acquire XMR or BTC - refer to getmonero.org or buybitcoinworldwide.com to get an idea on various methods of acquiring them – and move it to a wallet you control


Part 2 – Get a burner sim card. 

It should be pretty easy to find one at places like supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagents, and other places. Activate the sim card – you will need to give us a phone number so that the logistics company knows how to deliver the goods to you.


Part 3 – Use an address which is not your home address to get the goods. 

There is no need to disclose and use an address you reside habitually. The only requirement is that you have enough access to the address you tell us so that you can retrieve your goods.

For instance, think about using your office address, your accountant / lawyer address. If you know that you’re going to move place where you live, use the address you’ll be leaving before you leave…

And that is it… if you followed the parts above, your privacy is well protected and you can go ahead and secure your private phone, in a private way.

August 23, 2021 — Degoogled Team